Alexandria MN Fishing Report

This is a total collection of fishing reports for the Alexandria Lakes Area. We poll local experts, guides and ice fishing stores to gather and provide this ice fishing report information.

This is the complete collection of our Alexandria ice fishing reports. All of our reports are contained here, so you can see the entire history.

We track walleyes and other fish using various methods – local fishing reports is one aspect that we use. Our ice fishing house rentals are then planned, positioned and moved to give you the best chance for success.

And of course, in addition to various community reports for ice fishing, we rely on our combined greater than 95 years of experience ice fishing in the Alexandria area as well.

We track the fish all year long. But we start to get pretty serious about the reports and the fish movement as the ice fishing season approaches.

Beginning in late September and moving into October, we spend a lot of time on the water. We also monitor the local reports for the Alexandria Lakes Area.

The fish moment picks up as the water temperature start to cool down, and various spots on the key lakes we track start to produce. We watch this closely as the ice and freezing temperatures start to show up.Ice fishing in Alexandria usually starts off on a good foot.

The walleyes move around a lot during the fall of the year and into winter fishing. Tracking ice fishing spots can be tough work.

We keep our attention on some areas we’ve come to know, as well as cross checking with other local experts on what they are seeing.

As we mentioned, we have a strong network in the Alexandria Area for outdoor activities and fishing. This is includes ice fishing. We use and rely on this to bring you the best experience that we can.

We keep and eye on various spots. The information below helps us, and can help you get an idea of the ice fishing report in Alexandria.

Our Recent Alexandria Fishing Reports

Ice Update for Alexandria Area Lakes
[12/14/17] We have ice! Last week we predicted some nice ice to form and covered some safety precautions when venturing out on early ice. Well, there were a lot more people out fishing this past weekend than I would have guessed.
June 2017 Fishing in Alexandria
[06/15/17] Water temps are rising and into the upper 60's and low 70's now. All baits are working in the Alexandria area. Find the structure now, and know how to fish them.​
Warm Temperatures Change Fishing Patterns
[1/23/17] Walleye fishing is getting tougher. With the recent warm temperatures in the Alexandria lakes area this past weekend anglers were able to catch a few walleyes during low-light periods in 18 to 24 feet of water.
Alexandria Ice Fishing in January [2017]
[1/14/17] The ice is 12”-16” thick. Most lakes continue to produce walleyes in 18’-24’ of water and have been biting at all times of the day. Ice fishing in full swing in the Alexandria lakes area; the weather has been pretty consistent hovering in the single digits for highs and below zero for lows the last few days.
Excellent Fishing and Ice Thickness Update
The ice conditions continue to improve.  The warm temps last week didn’t hurt a thing.  In fact they may have[...]
Walleye and Crappie Action Heats Up as Good Ice Forms
Currently there is about 6”-7” of ice on most bodies of water. (excluding the “deep” lakes like Ida, Miltona, Latoka[...]
Ice Beginning to Form on Area Lakes
t’s been a long wait for some of us. Too cold for many to fish from a boat but not cold enough to make ice. The wait is almost over! We have had very cold temps this week, but it’s been too windy to make ice on most bodies of water.
November Fishing Report
I don’t think anyone can say they anticipated temperatures like this in mid November. There have been years we’ve had a significant amount of ice by now, but there are still boat lifts and docks out. [11/16/16] Usually deer hunting week there are very few, if any boats out on the water. This year there were some accesses that were nearly full. Even though it looks like we will get a shot of winter later this week, there will still be anglers out for quite some time.
Excellent Bass Season shifts to Fall Walleye
[10/25/16] We finished off the smallmouth season this past week and it was one of the best seasons I’ve had since I started guiding trophy smallmouth. We boated a staggering number of large smallmouth with over 50 fish reaching trophy status, 20″ plus.
Trophy Bass on a Rampage this Fall
Amazing! That’s probably the best way to describe the smallmouth fishing right now. We have been boating 100’s of big smallmouth 17”-20” with dozens of them going 20”-22”! Anything over 20” is a true beast of a fish, so this year has truly been something special.
Walleyes on a Bottom Bouncer
[7/20/16] Walleyes on bottom bouncers when fish are scattered in the summer months are producing fish.
Alexandria Walleye Fishing Update
Alexandria walleye fishing in summer is going well. Water temperatures on area lakes are at roughly 70–72 degrees.