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Fish House Rentals Alexandria
Fish House Rentals Alexandria
Ice Fishing Rentals Alexandria 2
Ice Fishing Rentals Alexandria
Ice Fishing Rentals Alexandria

Our ice fishing houses and fish house rentals are in Alexandria, MN.

Each of our fish house rentals are modern, wheeled format or skid houses that are finished on the interior and exterior. They are 8x16 with at least 6 holes and are fully insulated.

All of our fish houses are carpeted and provide modern amenities.

Each fish house is equipped with propane heat, a two burner propane cook-top stove, cooking supplies, 12V electric LED lights, batteries and rattle reels.

Our fish houses are capable to accept a 120V generator. You can bring your own, or we can provide one for you for an additional charge.

Our houses also have a bathroom and toilet with a 5 gallon tank. All of our overnight houses include a bathroom and toilet. For day rentals, we can accommodate your preference.

Our houses are similar to an Ice Castle, Yetti, or Fire Brand, but are built from scratch by us from the frame up.

What We Provide

We provide all of the propane, heat, cooking supplies, rattle reels, 12V electric lights and the batteries. We will have all of the holes in the house drilled for you as well.

The bunks and padded mattresses are included and will be in the fish house for you for padded seating or sleeping. There are also some chairs available in the house.

Each house has a garbage can and garbage bags for you.

We provide the toilet and take care of disposal when you leave.

We also have generators and TVs available, for an additional fee, 

What You Need to Bring

You will need to supply your own bait, food, additional equipment and anything else that is needed. Additional rods, reels, fishing electronics (like Vexilars or Sonars) are things to consider bringing.

If you want to explore around the house, with tip-ups or on foot, your own auger would be something to bring along too.

If you are planning to stay over night in our fish house, pillows, blankets, sleeping bags and anything else you would like for overnight is also your responsibility.

In addition, you are responsible for your own fishing licenses and permits as required by the MN DNR.

How it Works

Our fish house rentals are moved, managed and set by us. We drill the holes, pick the spots and keep them move-in-ready for you. You don't haul, hook-up, move or set any of the fish houses.

Our houses are located and set based on our more than 95 years experience fishing the Alexandria area.

We live here. We're not a resort. We don't manage a bar, kitchen or cabins.

Ice Fishing Rentals is our sole focus.

When you're ready to book you send your information to us from the booking page, we confirm, hold, and reserve your ice fishing rental for the dates you request. We will confirm your confirmation and all details back to you.

You provide a deposit prior to your reservation.

From there, you show up to our Ice Fishing Rental on your reserved days, (we will show you where) and get to enter into a heated and pre-drilled Fish House.

Remember, our houses are set and positioned by us. You don’t move them, tow them or do anything other than fish in them. We set them on our known spots for you. Our fish houses are usually on Lake Darling, Lake Le Homme Dieu, Lake Carlos, Lake Ida or Lake Miltona.

Rent a Fish House in Alexandria

If you want to rent a fish house around Alexandria, and want everything setup and ready for you – heat on, holes drilled and location determined – where all you bring is bait, food, and anything else you want ... then proceed below.

We want you to be satisfied. And we’re pretty easy to work with.

There are 3 ways that our fish house rentals can be booked or reserved. We offer a half-day rental, full-day rental, or overnight rental.

Half Day Rental

$ 150 Per Half Day

Half-day rentals are for 6 hours and allow you to catch fishing during the morning or afternoon bite. Rent a fish house from 8am – 2pm or from 2pm to 8pm.

Overnight Rental

$ 200 Per Night

Check in and take possession of the fish house at noon, fish and stay all night and depart at 10am the following day. Our houses contain 4 bunks and can usually sleep 4 adults.

Full Day Rental

$ 175 Per Day

Rent a fish house for the entire day, without spending the night. Fish for a full day, from 8am to 8pm, and head into your hotel, cabin or other accommodations at night.

Here's What our Fish House Rentals Look Like

Fish House Rentals Alexandria
Fish House Rentals Alexandria
Fish House Rentals Alexandria
Ice Fishing Rentals Alexandria 2
Ice Fishing Rentals Alexandria
Ice Fishing Rentals Alexandria
Fish House Rentals Alexandria
Fish House Rentals Alexandria
Fish House Rentals Alexandria

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Here's What Some of Our Customers

Have to Say...

Fish house was nice and warm. Gary was very friendly, helpful, and encouraging. Will definitely use this company again in the future.

Cyndy Meyer
Otsego, MN

The accommodations were great. Easy to get to and Gary was very easy to deal with. Had a great time with good friends and family. Will call again. 

Tom Nesvold 
Westhope, ND
JB Law Des Moines, IA

Just got back from our ice fishing trip on Lake Darling. Gary did a great job and was super friendly. He was able to help us with tackle selection and tips to try and get more fish. The ice house exceeded my expectations and we easily stayed warm during the blizzard outside. I would definitely use this company again.

Great 1st time ice fishing the Alexandria area. The house was really nice, everything you needed for a day on the ice. Gary was so friendly and very helpful. Truly enjoyed our experience and caught fish too.

Scott Skaggs Grove City, MN

We came out from California to let my wife experience the cold weather. We had planned to ice fish and actually had booked a fish house with another company, and I am so glad it fell through! Gary had a day opening for my wife, son and I on Le Home Dieu and not only did we experience the always "Minnesota Nice," but he set us up on a nice honey hole which kept us busy all day! Thanks Gary, we will definitely be back!

Greg Olson
Elk Grove, CA

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We Rent 8x16 Modern Fish Houses in Alexandria

Available on Lake Darling, Le Homme Dieu, Carlos, Ida and Lake Miltona