Using Spinners For Walleye Fishing

Spinners have been used as walleye fishing lures for quite a long time.

That does not mean that they are antiquated or no longer effective.

Spinners create vibrations in the water that attract fish. They are particularly appropriate for walleye fishing because walleyes do not hunt for food with their eyes; rather, they smell or sense movement in the water to locate food.

If you use the following tips for fishing with spinners, you can also find success with this established angling method.

It is imperative to add weight to your line when you are fishing with spinners.

If you do not, your bait will not sink far enough down into the water and you will be hard-pressed to get a bite.

Walleyes mainly swim near the bottom of rivers and lakes, so you need to make sure your bait hovers toward the bottom as well.

While you want your line to sink, you do not want your rig dragging along the bottom either. Use a three-way swivel or a bottom bouncer to keep your bait off the lake’s floor.

A bottom troller is like a bottom bouncer but is used specifically for trolling.

Using a leader will also give you the depth you need and keep your bait off the bottom at the same time.

If you attach a small float your bait will lift several inches above where the sinker is resting on the bottom.

If you are not sure how heavy of a weight to use on your line, try using a half-ounce for the first 10 feet of water and then another half-ounce for each additional five feet.

So if you are fishing in 20 feet of water, one and a half ounces should do the job.

Most anglers use a single hook with their spinners if they are using minnows or leeches.

Nightcrawlers generally require the use of a double or triple hook.

Spinners can be used for other types of fishing than just walleye fishing; if you are in dirty water, a neon yellow or green color will work well, while silver and gold is sufficient for less opaque water.

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