Ice Fishing Can be a Very Exciting Experience

One of the most popular recreational forms of fishing in Scandinavia, Russia and Germany is Ice Fishing, a sport also practiced in Canada and the United States, not only during winter, but also all year round in Alaska.

However the most popular place to enjoy this activity is in the Great Lakes.

Considered originally from Scandinavia, it was brought to America by Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish settlers arriving to Minnesota, a state where people from Nordic families is totally engaged in this sport.

Ice fishing was exported to Canada from Minnesota and from here, it also arrived in Alaska.

Minnesotans found ice fishing an entertaining option, keeping in mind that the Great Lakes are often totally frozen, with the only exception being Lake Erie. When the bays of the Great Lakes freeze, yellow perch and northern pike are the most common catches waiting for enthusiasts of this sport.

Ice fishing is practiced catching fish with lines and spears or hooks by opening a hole in the frozen lake to fish through. Depending on personal preferences, fishermen can sit in a heated cabin on the ice or on a stool placed on the open expanse of the frozen lake.

Cabins are more popular indeed, because most of them have bunks and diverse amenities.

From all the forms of fishing, ice fishing is perhaps the activity requiring less effort and skill, just patience, good luck and the inner conviction of enjoy doing nothing else that sitting on ice, if not physical, at least exposed to low temperatures.

For some people, this condition may appear unappealing but in the northern states, ice fishing is considered a serious entertaining activity with competitions and contests offering good prizes to people with the largest fish catches within a limited period of time.

While in the United States, Ice fishing contests have a prevalent carnival like atmosphere, full of camaraderie, in Finland, ice fishing contests have been defaced after repeated scandals involving both organizers and contestants, who have been caught cheating, making people belief this is not a sport, but just a pastime.

However, in the United States there is an association supporting ice fishing activities, the American Ice Fishing Association (AIFA), which says that ice fishing contributes to managing the fish species population, and the economic growth of the community, bringing calming and relaxing effects of well being to all the participants.

Because ice fishing can be something more than a one-day experience, there are shelters conveniently located for longer fishing expeditions. Some others are mounted on-demand using simple structures, although the larger heated structures are basic for the success of fishing trips lasting several days.

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By Robert W. Benjamin

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