Best Lure For Night Walleyes

Walleye fishing at night does not need to be complicated at all.

The most productive, hassle free method is to find a sandy area with easy access and fish from shore. No boat required, no snags, and tons of walleye.

If you find an area that walleye frequent at night, you will be able to find them there every night, everyday of the week, for the entire season.

The key is not going until it is completely dark outside.

Do not even leave your house until its black out. There is no need. Walleye do not really start getting hyped up until total darkness. And they will go ballistic once the sun is completely gone.

Using Live Bait at Night is Productive.

But, its still live bait, and it can be a huge hassle to rig bait at night, and examine it to see if it is still living, and if the hook is well positioned.

The best lure, for the most hassle free night fishing experience is a curly tail grub of about 3 inches on a 1 / 4oz jig head.

It does not even have to be scented.

This lure will not snag as often as live bait, and it is maintenance free.

The most important aspect of fishing a plastic grub at night is the method you use. You do not want to jig the grub. You want to swim the grub.

Swimming a grub just means that you reel in it like a lure: no jigging involved.

This method is much, much more effective than jigging, because you cover more water, and you present the jig to walleye so they can attack from below, and move their mouths up and over the bait, hooking themselves when they turn on the bait.

If you jig, they spit the bait all day long, even if they decide to inhale it.

Swimming the bait makes the fish act fast, and at night they are way more aggressive, so the hookups go through the roof.

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