June 2017 Fishing in Alexandria

June is often a great time to catch walleyes. These fish are fully recovered from the spawn, are on the feed, and are often not that tough to catch.

Find the structure now, and know how to fish them.‚Äč

  1. With Jigs
  2. Try a Bottom Bouncer

Find the structure

Main lake structure starts to hold walleyes during early June.

Shallower sunken humps and islands will often hold walleyes during June, with deeper water structure holding more and more fish as summer wears on. Other good fish-holding spots on lots of lakes during June are major points that extend off the shoreline break and jut out into the lake.

Regardless the structure being targeted, I use my fish-finding sonar and GPS navigation to quickly search and find structure-related walleyes. The CHIRP SideVision technology on my Raymarine units allows me to quickly move along looking off to the boat's sides to find shallow fish-holding structure and the fish themselves. Combining that technology with CHIRP sonar and DownVision on other screens lets me also see fish holding under the boat. These technologies are easy to use, easy to interpret, and let me quickly and efficiently eliminate unproductive water, and spend more time fishing "good" water.

Video Report from Joe Scegura

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