A Unique Ice Bar in the Heart of a Hot Desert

Dubai has opened the unique for the region ice bar.

This ” empire of the snow queen ” has settled down in Times Square Center on the main city thoroughfare of highway of sheikh Zaeda.

All articles of the exclusive interior of the ice bar Chillout, are created from the specially prepared, crystal-clear ice without extraneous inclusions, under the order of the Dubai company Sharaf Group.

Besides the traditional for such institutions ice chairs, tables and ware, Chillout is decorated with an ice candelabrum of six feet in height and ice portieres.One of the main details of the decor is the portrait of the Dubai governor sheikh Mohammed bin Rasheda Ali-Maktuma. Also executed from the cleanest ice, it shimmers with all the necessary colors which appear due to special refraction of light.

On the bar’s entrance each visitor is dressed in warm parka with a hood, given out disposable warm gloves, and, if necessary, special footwear. In order not harm new furniture, there can be not more than 45 person in the bar at the same time.

Chillout became the first-ever ice bar where besides drinks are served sandwiches and salads, in advance cooled so that the balance of temperatures was preserved. It is also the most beautiful of similar, on design of the lodgment and on its illumination, is assured by the representatives of the Sharaf Group company .

” For Dubai the opening of an ice bar is a real break-through” – has told Ibrahim Sharaf , owner Sharaf Group, at the press conference, – ” not everyone would even dare to dream of a similar institution in the heart of a hot desert. But we have made our dream a reality and are very proud of that “.

Today ice bars are in the several countries of the world.

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